Are your services expensive?
Our services are tailor fitted to our customers. We don’t have a base fee on our services because we also base it on your capacity to pay. We review each case that we handle so no two cases will be charged the same. Based on our reviews, we are reasonably priced considering the quality of services we provide. If you want to know more, just contact us.

Do you have actual doctors in your center?
Yes, we do have a licensed doctor in our staff. Aside from our energy healing services, we also have a nutritionist who will take care of your diet, and doctors who will do routine checkups on you. Our main difference with actual hospitals is we also include spiritual healing techniques on our patient, and this is our main service.

Do you give training on energy healing?
Yes, we have our own training center for aspiring energy healers. But it would take you 2-4 years before you can practice as you need to perfect first the way of living that we practice. For more detailed information, please send us an intent letter and we will review your admission. Once accepted, you will be required to live in our center.

Why should we do energy healing compared to just going to the hospital?

Our main purpose is to provide an alternative solution to your healing needs. We understand that sometimes, you already did everything that you could but weren’t able to find a solution. I hope, in our center, you’ll find the answer you’ve been looking for. Aside from trying to heal your illness, we’ll also help you develop your spiritual strength.

Are you planning to open more centers in the future?
Yes, we are planning to open internationally. I hope that the support we re enjoying right now will continue so we’ll have more opportunities to open more centers in the future. If you would like to stay updated with our plans, please follow all our social media pages and wait for our announcement and we hope to see you in our centers soon!

Is this legit?
Yes, this is a legitimate service. You can check our online reviews and you’ll find thousands of people who already tried our services. They will vouch for our authenticity and legitimacy. If you want, you can also drop by in one of our centers and experience our service with no strings attached. Just contact our page for more information.