In our world today, we are all focused in our physical aspects that we mostly forget the spiritual counterpart. We always go to the gym to workout, or take supplements so we’ll have better blood circulation. Or go to different online dating site to find our second love. But sometimes, even though you did everything by the book, you still face some illness that you can’t escape.


We are not talking about your internal organs but your soul. We are talking about your spirit, if it is being taken cared of.

Most people do not think of their spirituality as an essential part of who they are. That’s why, even though they are in prime shape physically, they are feeling an emotional breakdown from time to time because of their unmet spiritual needs. Therefore, if you want to recover from any illness that you’ve been going through, you need to address the needs of your soul.


This is your essence. It is who you are without the physical container that is called our body. It is the energy that resides inside of us that give us life. Therefore, if we are not taking care of it, then everything will follow. Our physical, mental and even our relationships will suffer.

That’s why you need to know what your spiritual needs are. For some, they need time to meditate as peace of mind give them the energy boost that they need. Others need to learn something new so their spirit will strengthen overtime. Others do it by giving back to the community, by volunteering.

We have different spiritual needs therefore, there is no one way of improving our spiritual health. However, if we are serious in achieving a level of spirituality, it takes dedication and commitment. It will require an utmost discipline so you can practice the techniques and the ideas consistently.

Do not confuse spirituality with religion, they are different. Although you can strengthen your spirituality through your faith, it is not the only way. Your connection to your soul and the positive energy around it is what we are after. That’s why you need to devote time and effort into mastering your connection with your soul.



  1. I get you and I agree with you. This is very important to do especially if you want to live a happy life. Without taking care of your own spiritual needs, you will tend to feel empty. You are also more prone to depression as you don’t have a solid foundation of who you are. It might be a bit challenging to develop your spiritual strength but if I could do it, you could also.

  2. You know what, this is a great read. I was laughing at my friends who do meditation daily and then I realized, that’s exactly what I need these days. I am way too busy achieving my dreams and I am already not taking care of my body. So now, instead of just working out, I also spend some time meditating and doing yoga and it really helps me!

  3. Wow, for years, I lived in the idea of now having to take care of my spiritual needs. That’s why even if I am living a healthy and active lifestyle, I feel completely empty inside. Something is lacking. I tried to find it through going out more, but then I realized, what I was missing is my relationship with my own spirit which is an important aspect of life.

  4. Spiritual healing provides serenity and inner calm. It helps dissolve or lessens conflicts and negative energies.

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