If working out is meant to improve your physical body, meditation is its counterpart in strengthening your spirit. This is an important exercise that you should learn in order to improve your spiritual health and for you to achieve your spiritual goals.

But the thing is, just like in working out and getting into online dating, the first few session is the most difficult.  Unlike with working out where your muscles feel the pain and in online dating, you have date site reviews, in doing meditation you need a lot of discipline and energy to just focus on your current state. This is what they call “being one with the world.”

But how do you meditate exactly?



  1. Set a schedule. Meditation can be as short as 10 minutes to an hour. Set a daily schedule that no matter what happens, you will use this time to meditate. It is best if you do it in the morning so you are fresh and have a lot of mental energy.
  2. Choose a comfortable location. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting, standing, or lying in a comfortable bed. Just make sure that this location is the place where you feel at home the most. It should be the most energized location of your house. Not too bright where your eyes will be distracted but not too dark also where it’s too gloomy.
  3.  As a beginner, you can download a guided meditation app. There are a lot of guided meditation apps available online. They will help you learn the basic and develop the daily discipline so you can commit to this process.
  4. Let everything go. The purpose of meditating is to live in the now. Your thoughts about the past and the future don’t matter. All that you need to think about is the sound you hear, the aroma you smell, and the feeling that you are having. By practicing living in the now, you are getting more aware and connected with your environment.
  5. Always end with being grateful. A simple mantra thanking God about your life is a great way to end your meditation. It sets the mood right as you instantly get a positive boost in your daily life.



  1. Is it normal to tear up when you first do your meditation? I tried it and suddenly, my tears just fell. I mean, I am thinking of nothing I just realized there are tears as if I am crying but I am not. I don’t know what happened but I hope, I am doing it right. I actually felt lighter afterwards. I will continue doing it for the meantime and will let you know if I still have the same response.

  2. Just to answer your question above, yes, it is normal to tear up when it’s your first time to do meditation. Remember that it is for your spiritual and mental needs. It’s a form of release because you have a lot of burden in your heart. It is actually great that your body responded that way because it flushed the stress that you are currently feeling.

  3. Meditation saved my life. You won’t believe it but it did. I was diagnosed with depression and I felt like the world is abandoning me. And I considered taking my own life. But my doctor suggested for me to meditate daily. It was a struggle at first and then later on, I started to get comfortable with my situation. Slowly, my life got better. So try it also, it might work for you.

  4. Meditation always is a great way to reduce stress, achieve inner calmness and mind clarity. Best done after a very challenging long day.

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