While there is an overwhelming evidence of how energy healing works, there are also those people take advantage of those who lose their hopes. Because they know that these people are desperate to be healed, they use it so they can get a lot of money from them.

That’s why, it is important for you to know how to spot a fake healer before you go on this healing journey. It’s not as easy as you might think because a lot of con artists perfected their ways of scamming people. Just like in online dating, there are some steps you can do to ensure that the second love you are looking for is the one meant for you.


One of the ways to test the legitimacy of a healer is to ask him to do the impossible and he will promise results right away. These people bank on the desperation of others so they tend to promise big things. And they tend to say yes to all your requests all the time because that’s a way to gain your trust.

A real healer knows his or her limitations. The healer knows that if the spirits won’t permit, the healing won’t take place. Therefore, the energy involved should come from the one seeking to be healed, and the healer.


This is very important. You should seek out those who tried the healing before and ask for their feedback. If possible, check if they are real people and not pretending to be past customers. Fortunately, we have social media nowadays so it’s easier to verify someone’s identity.

If possible, you should also ask for their friends. In this way, you know that their story actually happened and not just their way of scamming people.


While technically not scamming, but some healers will just try to upsell the products they are selling convincing you that you need them in order to be healed. They will try to sell you a lot of things, sometimes amounting more than the actual cost of the spiritual treatment. Politely decline when this happens and let the healer knows that you are still in the process of researching and looking for a healer that you can trust.


They Activate your Fear

Fake healers tend to target your fear just to make sure you will always return to them to plead and kneel to fix that problem. Most of them tell you that something bad will happen if you won’t allow them to fix the problem right away. Cases like this are being discussed at WebTrafficexperts on how to spot them. They can also create fears around someone you love or is close to you like a love interest, spouse, a family member, or a friend. Max Visits has been investigating fake healers like this and receives too many comments that this scam occurs to them too.


  1. That’s the term I was looking for. And I agree with you. It is definitely murder. You know what, I hope all these fake healers should get the illness of the people they scammed. They deserve it. They should be the one getting all these incurable disease because apparently, their soul is already rotten right now. I am really angry at them because they don’t have a heart.

  2. We were once a victim of a fake faith healer. Fortunately, we didn’t really spent a lot of money unlike those who already did. And I am so happy that he got exposed for what he truly is. He’s now in prison and I hope he has a bad time there. He doesn’t deserve to live a comfortable like after slowly killing those who believed in him and just for what? Money?

  3. I really can’t understand why there are people with no soul who will do that. I mean these people who do spiritual healing are sometimes desperate and they don’t have any hope to get better at all. I believe what they are doing it almost equivalent to murder. But they are the worst because they are giving a glimpse of hope to these people only to take it away at the end.

    1. In this world, many people will do what they want, when they want, how they want. It all boils down to selfishness and greed. Many people fall victim because they don’t research and they are desperate. They will do anything to stay alive!

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