When we talk about psychology, we are talking about the study of behavior and experience. Now, if we are going to include the unexplainable anomalies we now have parapsychology. Paranormal activities transcend the laws of physics, time, and space that’s why many consider this as a pseudoscience.

However, for believers, parapsychology explains a lot of events that occur in their lives. It helped them in different cases, in most people in healing an incurable illness that even the best doctors couldn’t heal. It’s sad that it’s difficult to use it in dating site.

There are two dimensions in parapsychology and these are portrayed very well in different media. The first one is ESP or extra-sensory perception. This is the ability to convey one’s thought or to communicate without the use of our sensory organs.

This ability is commonly portrayed as the ability to send a message to anyone without talking or the ability to read someone’s mind. It can also mean being able to communicate with someone far from you geographically.

Another form of ESP is clairvoyance or the ability to predict the future. This is one of the most used form of ESP and unfortunately, there are a lot of people who use this to scam others so if ever you find yourself engaging in one, make sure that you did your research too.

A more active form is what we call psychokinesis or telekinesis. This is the ability to do a physical action without the use of any of the sensory organs. Most people consider this as a superpower. But the truth is, the most common form of psychokinesis based on studies are poltergeists and healing.

The latter is what we are concerned about. There had been several unexplainable events that used a form of psychokinesis in order to heal an untreatable illness. For those who practice it, they say that it is connected to their beliefs as the spirits would feel if you don’t believe in it. Therefore, it will create an imbalance in the energy making the healing ineffective.

There is no exact science to explain this but if you are a believer, then that is enough power to make the impossible possible. Even finding your second love will be a reality.



  1. I will agree with you with the importance of believing. My experience was when I first tried it, I was doubtful the whole time. That’s why it didn’t work. And when it didn’t work, I blamed the healer. But then I realized, it was my fault because i had this huge negative energy surrounding me the whole time when we’re doing the healing so it didn’t really reach me at all.

  2. I always thought that all these ESP craps are just a way of other people to scam others to get their money but experiencing it firsthand, it gave me another perspective in life. I suggest that if you want to try this, you should read up more about this before committing to anything. You really need to be a believer for the process to work or else you are just waiting your time.

  3. It would be great if you have this superpower. I call it superpower because not everyone has it. I mean, if you can communicate to other people regardless of distance, that would be pretty dope! You can travel around the globe and still reach your family and friends. But of course, this is just a dream so it might not really happen at all.

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